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    HMM Vastu Fundraiser - Durga Zaali Gauri Drama

    HMM is planning to build a Vastu (a facility including a temple and community center) in the Houston area. The facility will be a symbol for HMM children to stay connected and identify with our Indian cultural heritage. HMM has organized a fundraising event called “Durga Zali Gauri” on November 8th at Cullen Performance Hall to raise funds and awareness of this initiative. For more details please click on the following link:

    For more information click on this Link.

    HMM 2014 Diwali Event

    Happy Diwali! May this Diwali bring a lot of Happiness for you all!

    HMM Celebrated Diwali with great songs and Sugam Sangeet by Team Mangaldeep;

    Padmaja Phenany Joglekar

    Guitar - Aditya Joglekar

    Tabla - Nitish Kulkarni

    Harmonium - Mandar Parkhi

    All songs were undoubtedly well sung by Padmaja Phenany Joglekar. Rising stars Aditya and Nitish also gave splendid performance. The attendees were very happy to hear the sweet tabla and guitar. Mandar was just phenomenal on harmonium ready to play almost any tune. Mandar also sang one song very well. People enjoyed nice Marathi and Hindi songs and then enjoyed delicious food from Maharaja Bhog restaurant.

    Thanks to all attendees for attending this event and generously contributing to the HMM 2014 Kashmir Floods Fundraiser. Special thanks to HMM’s Mrudula Lele for heading this effort on behalf of HMM. HMM members have successfully donated $1,400 for this noble cause. Thank you to all attendees for their donations for the HMM Vastu Durga Zali Gauri.

    For more pictures click on this Link.

    Beautiful Diwali Welcome Message by Viju Bhadkamkar and Introduction of all Artists. She has given a really nice information about Padmaja Phenany Joglekar which cannot be found anywhere. Thank you Viju for giving such a great introduction!

    2015 General & Programming Division

    HMM is looking forward to forming the 2015 General & Programming Division. The General and Programming Division is one of the three divisions of HMM which is responsible for annual programs organized by the Mandal. If you are interested in serving the HMM General and Programming Division, please email you name and contact information to president_hmm@hmmhouston.org.

    We would like to fill the following positions before the Diwali event.

    President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Web-Administrator, Cultural Team, Food Team, Marketing Team, Audio Visual Team, Assets Team

    Thank you,

    2014 HMM Committee

    HMM 2014 Kashmir Floods Fundraiser

    HMM requests all HMM members to donate for the HMM 2014 Kashmir Floods Fundraiser.

    For more information click on this Link.

    HMM has started fundraising for the recent 2014 Jammu Kashmir Flood/Disaster led by Houston’s, Mrudula Lele (mrudula.lele@gmail.com). All donations will be given to Houston's Sewa International.

    Mangaldeep Concert - HMM Diwali Event

    HMM is proud to host Mangaldeep Sugam Sangeet Concert - HMM Diwali Event on 18th October 2014 at 4:00 PM. This event is led by Padmaja Phenany Joglekar, Padmashri Award Winner. For details, please click on the following link.

    For more information click on this Link.

    HMM 2014 Presidents’ Message

    HMM 2014 Presidents’ Message

    I am very thankful to Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Representative in White House for becoming our Chief Guest for the HMM 2014 Ganesh Utsav event. Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee presented our “Houston Maharashtra Mandal” with the “Certificate of Congressional Recognition”. Please click on the following link to view this certificate and this is a moment to be proud of our community and its integrity.

    Certificate of Congressional Recognition

    Photograph by: Rajesh Thatte
    Beautiful photos by Rajesh Thatte.

    About our HMM 2014 Ganesh Utsav event I just have one word left. “Wow!!!” What a 2014 HMM Ganeshotsav event. Wonderful job!! It was a great community team effort. Thanks to all 750+ people who attended... I would like to thank all volunteers for helping us! Thanks to all sponsors for their generosity.

    1. Sindhutai Hardikar had sponsered the food

    2. BEST Inc., Girish and Anjali Ranade, had sponsored the Modak

    Special thanks to Nishad Kanhere & Dipti Maydeo-Kanhere and Kalpana Sarode, Jyoti Toraskar the entire "Nachu Ganarayachya Rangi" team!! We all thoroughly enjoyed the dances and Kokum with Kanhere episode. Thanks to Ulhas and Sheetal Bhagwat for making the lovely Ganpati Makhar from scratch. VPSS management/staff helped us all to make this event successful. Morya Dhol Pathak and Lezim Team was simply awesome despite the rain. Thanks to the entire team especially Swapnil Saraf and Sharmila Moharir.

    Last but not the least I want to thank my HMM 2014 Committee/Team - extremely hard working, creative, enthusiastic, and supportive!!!

    Megha Ozarker

    Jai Maharashtra!!
    Ganpati Bappa Morya!

    2014 HMM Ganeshothsav Event was a Super Hit!!

    Super Hit HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Event. Due to grace of our Ganpati Bappa everything went smoothly. HMM 2014 would like to thank the entire community for making this event successful. Thanks to our Modak Sponsors, BEST Inc., Girish and Anjili Ranade. Thanks to our food sponsor, Sindhutai Hardikar. Thank you to Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Representative in the White House for becoming our Chief Guest and presenting HMM with the Certificate of Congressional Recognition. Thanks to all volunteers (front desk, chair setup, food, crowd control) who made this event so successful. Special thanks to all performers and organizers.

    The HMM 2014 event was attended by 750 people.

    For More Photos, click on the following link:

    More Photos of 2014 HMM Ganeshothsav Event

    Following are some highlights:

    Ganesh Puja by Achala Bapat and Nimish Jagtap 2:00 PM.

    Well coordinated dhol tasha pathak team led by Swapnil Saraf and Lezim dances led by Sharmila Moharir at 4:00 PM.

    HMM President, Megha Ozarker and Cultural Team Member Akshay Deshpande welcomed all the attendees at 4:55 PM

    Recognition of Lezim and Dhol Tasha Group 4:58 PM

    Recognition of all HMM Sponsors 5:08 PM

    Recognition of extraordinary achievements, Marathi Shala achievements, HMM Vastu efforts 5:18 PM

    Message by Chief Guest Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Representative in White House 5:28 PM

    Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee presented HMM with the congressional recognition certificate and gave a very impressive speech.

    Nachu Ganrayachya Rangi cultural program (Organizad By Nishad and Dipti Kanhere) started at 5:57 PM

    Nandi dance performance 5:57 PM

    Nandi video 5:58 PM

    Deva Shri Ganesha dance 6:03 PM

    Qawalli dance 6:10 PM

    Qawalli Dance received a once more at 6:15 PM

    Kokum Sarbat with Kanhere 6:22 PM

    Moraya Dance 6:43 PM

    ABCD Dance 6:53 PM

    Bloopers Video 7:05 PM

    HMM Thanks all Nachu Ganrayachya Rangi Cultural Program Participants 7:15 PM

    HMM Announcements and thanks to committee 7:20 PM

    Arti Atharva Shirsha by Vivek Chitale 7:15 PM

    Dinner and Darhan started at 7:30 PM

    HMM 2014 Ganesh Utsav Start

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Nachu Ganarayachya Rangi

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Dhol Tasha Miranvuk

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Dhol Tasha Miranvuk

    Sharad Kavadi

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Kokum Sarbat With Kanhere

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Lezim

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Miravnuk

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav - ABCD Nachu Ganarayachya Rangi