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    Mangaldeep Concert - HMM Diwali Event

    HMM is proud to host Mangaldeep Sugam Sangeet Concert - HMM Diwali Event on 18th October 2014 at 4:00 PM. This event is led by Padmaja Phenany Joglekar, Padmashri Award Winner. For details, please click on the following link.

    For more information click on this Link.

    HMM 2014 Presidents’ Message

    HMM 2014 Presidents’ Message

    I am very thankful to Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Representative in White House for becoming our Chief Guest for the HMM 2014 Ganesh Utsav event. Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee presented our “Houston Maharashtra Mandal” with the “Certificate of Congressional Recognition”. Please click on the following link to view this certificate and this is a moment to be proud of our community and its integrity.

    Certificate of Congressional Recognition

    Photograph by: Rajesh Thatte
    Beautiful photos by Rajesh Thatte.

    About our HMM 2014 Ganesh Utsav event I just have one word left. “Wow!!!” What a 2014 HMM Ganeshotsav event. Wonderful job!! It was a great community team effort. Thanks to all 750+ people who attended... I would like to thank all volunteers for helping us! Thanks to all sponsors for their generosity.

    1. Sindhutai Hardikar had sponsered the food

    2. BEST Inc., Girish and Anjali Ranade, had sponsored the Modak

    Special thanks to Nishad Kanhere & Dipti Maydeo-Kanhere and Kalpana Sarode, Jyoti Toraskar the entire "Nachu Ganarayachya Rangi" team!! We all thoroughly enjoyed the dances and Kokum with Kanhere episode. Thanks to Ulhas and Sheetal Bhagwat for making the lovely Ganpati Makhar from scratch. VPSS management/staff helped us all to make this event successful. Morya Dhol Pathak and Lezim Team was simply awesome despite the rain. Thanks to the entire team especially Swapnil Saraf and Sharmila Moharir.

    Last but not the least I want to thank my HMM 2014 Committee/Team - extremely hard working, creative, enthusiastic, and supportive!!!

    Megha Ozarker

    Jai Maharashtra!!
    Ganpati Bappa Morya!

    2014 HMM Ganeshothsav Event was a Super Hit!!

    Super Hit HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Event. Due to grace of our Ganpati Bappa everything went smoothly. HMM 2014 would like to thank the entire community for making this event successful. Thanks to our Modak Sponsors, BEST Inc., Girish and Anjili Ranade. Thanks to our food sponsor, Sindhutai Hardikar. Thank you to Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Representative in the White House for becoming our Chief Guest and presenting HMM with the Certificate of Congressional Recognition. Thanks to all volunteers (front desk, chair setup, food, crowd control) who made this event so successful. Special thanks to all performers and organizers.

    The HMM 2014 event was attended by 750 people.

    For More Photos, click on the following link:

    More Photos of 2014 HMM Ganeshothsav Event

    Following are some highlights:

    Ganesh Puja by Achala Bapat and Nimish Jagtap 2:00 PM.

    Well coordinated dhol tasha pathak team led by Swapnil Saraf and Lezim dances led by Sharmila Moharir at 4:00 PM.

    HMM President, Megha Ozarker and Cultural Team Member Akshay Deshpande welcomed all the attendees at 4:55 PM

    Recognition of Lezim and Dhol Tasha Group 4:58 PM

    Recognition of all HMM Sponsors 5:08 PM

    Recognition of extraordinary achievements, Marathi Shala achievements, HMM Vastu efforts 5:18 PM

    Message by Chief Guest Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Representative in White House 5:28 PM

    Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee presented HMM with the congressional recognition certificate and gave a very impressive speech.

    Nachu Ganrayachya Rangi cultural program (Organizad By Nishad and Dipti Kanhere) started at 5:57 PM

    Nandi dance performance 5:57 PM

    Nandi video 5:58 PM

    Deva Shri Ganesha dance 6:03 PM

    Qawalli dance 6:10 PM

    Qawalli Dance received a once more at 6:15 PM

    Kokum Sarbat with Kanhere 6:22 PM

    Moraya Dance 6:43 PM

    ABCD Dance 6:53 PM

    Bloopers Video 7:05 PM

    HMM Thanks all Nachu Ganrayachya Rangi Cultural Program Participants 7:15 PM

    HMM Announcements and thanks to committee 7:20 PM

    Arti Atharva Shirsha by Vivek Chitale 7:15 PM

    Dinner and Darhan started at 7:30 PM

    HMM 2014 Ganesh Utsav Start

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Nachu Ganarayachya Rangi

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Dhol Tasha Miranvuk

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Dhol Tasha Miranvuk

    Sharad Kavadi

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Kokum Sarbat With Kanhere

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Lezim

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav Miravnuk

    HMM 2014 Ganeshothsav - ABCD Nachu Ganarayachya Rangi

    2014 Ganesh Utsav

    Book your tickets soon. Only 700 tickets will be sold for this event and no tickets will be sold at the front desk. Following video contains a message from a special person about "Nachu Ganaraya Chya Rangi" event and some practice sessions.

    For more information click on this Link.

    2014 Ganesh Utsav

    HMM is is celebrating Ganesh Utsav on 6th Sept 2014 at VPSS Haveli.

    For more information click on this Link.

    HMM 2014 Mangalagauri Event

    HMM Mangala Gauri Celebration was held in Shafer Elementary School in Katy. About 80 women and girls celebrated this event on 15th August which is also India’s Independence Day. Small girls held flags of India and USA while national anthems of both countries were played. The Mangala Gauri event began with Nivedan by HMM Committee member Bhagyashree Dixit who introduced the newly wed girls group who performed a spectacular Mangala Gauri dance. The dance was organized by HMM Member Anushree Sonawane. Thanks to all dance participants:

    Amruta Vaidya
    Sayali Babar
    Tanuja Sahasrabudhe
    Dhanashree Alkari
    Anushree Sonawane
    Gauri Desai
    Suparna Apte

    The attendees proceeded to do Shiv Puja and Aarti followed by dance, foogdi, zimma, ukhane, and much more. After getting tired, HMM Food Committee offered tasty biryani, ras malai and godbi manchurian to all attendees. Jai Maharashtra!

    For Photos, Click on the following link:

    More Photos of Mangala Gauri Event

    “Sa Re Ga Ma” Preliminaries for National Level Competition

    नमस्कार, बृ.म्.म्. २०१५ हे बृहन्महाराष्ट्रमंडळाचे १७वे अधिवेशन लॉस एंजेलिसमध्ये संपन्न होणार आहे. बृ.म्.म्. २०१३ अधिवेशनात झालेला सारेगम हा अत्यंत लोकप्रिय कार्यक्रम लॉस एंजेलिस अधिवेशनातही सादर होईल. नवीन उपक्रम म्हणजे या वेळी प्रौढांबरोबर युवा व बाल गट सुद्धा असतील. बाल गट: वय ६ ते १२, युवा गट: १३ ते १८ आणि प्रौढ गट: १९ आणि त्यावरील. त्यासाठी उत्तर अमेरिकेत ठिकठिकाणी असलेल्या महाराष्ट्र मंडळातून प्राथमिक पातळीवर स्पर्धा होतील, आणि उत्तर अमेरिकेतील कोपऱ्याकोपऱ्यातून निवडलेल्या उदयोन्मुख ताऱ्यांना बृ.म.म. २०१५ व्यासपीठावर अंदाजे ४००० चोखंदळ मराठी श्रोतृवृंदासमोर चमकण्यास संधी देऊन विजेत्यांचा गौरव करण्यात येईल. झी मराठी वाद्यवृंद आणि भारतातील मान्यवर परीक्षक आमंत्रित करण्यासाठी लॉस एंजेलिस बृमम २०१५ समिती प्रयत्नशील आहे. आपल्या परिसरातील गायक गायिकांना प्रोत्साहन देण्यासाठी सारेगमा ही एक उत्तम संधी आहे. टेक्सास मधील प्राथमिक स्पर्धा ऑस्टिन मध्ये ६ सप्टेंबर रोजी महाराष्ट्र मंडळाने आयोजित केली आहे. स्पर्धेत सहभागी होण्यासंदर्भातील आधिक माहिती साठी :

    Sa Re Ga Ma

    ऑस्टिन च्या कार्यक्रमासाठी ची माहिती :

    Austin Maharashtra Mandal

    HMM By-Laws Restated

    06-Aug-2014: As a result of correspondence with our legal council, HMM has completed the process of updating the by-laws. Please find a signed copy for the restated by laws at the following link.

    For more information click on this Link.

    Anil Gokhale has been elected as the lead director of HMM for this calendar year. A big thank you to all who helped in drafting the new by-laws, including the writing committee and last year's trustees too for their contribution. Thanks to all HMM Members who participated in the voting process.

    HMM Mangala Gauri Event

    HMM has organized a Mangala Gauri event for girls and women only. Come down and have fun at Schafer Elementary School in Katy on 15th Aug at 8:00 PM! This location is extremely safe for Ladies to enjoy the event until 12:00 AM. Ladies get ready to dance and have fun. Light snacks will be provided after dance, ukhane session, phoogdi, and puja.

    For more information click on this Link.

    Ras Barase Event

    Ras Barase event was definitely a house full and a super hit show! Thanks to all enthusiastic audiance for attending this event. The nivedan, stage effects, songs all just came together very well! Special thanks to all the following artists!

    Shreyas Bedekar (Program Organization, Singer, Chorus, and Harmonium)
    Omkar Deshpande (Singer and Chorus)
    Amit Bhagwat (Singer and Tabla)
    Jayendra Prabhukhot (Tabla and Dholak)
    Ambrish Prabhukhot (Piano, Sound effects and Harmonium)
    Mohan Ketkar (Side Rhythms)
    Amol Ganpate (Guitar and Chorus)
    Akshay Deshpande (Nivedan)
    Manasi Joshi (Program Organization, Nivedan)
    Script By: Praveen Joshi (Pune)

    Special thanks to Omkar Deshpande who took the time to perform for HMM from New Jersey!

    The past Mayor of Mumbai and Sindhutai Hardikar both congratulated the artists for their efforts.

    Organizing such events require a lot of support. Thanks to all volunteers for their efforts:
    Rajesh Thatte
    Yogesh Dalvi
    Suyash Gadkari
    Chaitrali Alegaonkar
    Anil and Smita Gokahle
    Ankoor Sonawane
    Rohan Patil
    Kumud Deshpande
    Vaibhavi Kotnis
    Devina Kirloskar

    Thanks to all 2014 HMM Committee members for their help.

    Jai Maharashtra!

    For More Photos, Click on the following link:

    More Photos of Ras Barase Concert

    Ras Barase Concert

    HMM is proud to host Ras Barase event on 20th July 2014 at 4:00 PM at Durga Bari. This event is organized by HMM Member Shreyas Bedekar along with other notable HMM Members. Shreyas and his wife Manasi had organized Ras Barase event in Pune in 2008. This event was a super hit with more than 1000+ attendees. Shreyas Bedekar is a resident of Houston who was selected as a finalist for the SA-RE-GA-MA-PA contest at 2013 BMM Convention. In 1999, Shreyas also performed in Zee TV - SA RE GA MA in India.

    For more information click on this Link.

    Senior Citizen Trip

    Fifty Members attended the Senior Citizen Trip on 21-Jun-2014. Ganyachya bhendya/antakshari, melodious songs, jokes, tasty food made the total six hour journey memorable. Suhas Deshpande gave a live solo comedy performance in the bus and entertained everyone for almost two hours. Thanks to all the attendees for their participation and making this trip a memorable one. Special thanks to Suhas Desphpande for his performance. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped loading/unloading the bus and helping out with the food related services! Some of the volunteers include;

    Milind Deo
    Shrikant Sane
    Nishad Kanhere
    Sunil Deopurkar
    Pankaj Kothawade
    Tanuja Sahasrabudhe
    Vikas Moharir
    Chaitrali Alegaonkar
    Yogesh Dalvi
    Suyash Gadkari
    Nitin Toraskar
    Pooja Mooley
    Manasi Pendharkar

    Jai Maharashtra!

    For More Photos, Click on the following link:

    More Photos of Senior Citizen Trip

    Senior Citizen Trip

    If your parents, in-laws, are visiting Houston from India this month or if you know someone senior, please let them know about the Houston Maharashtra Mandal Senior Citizen Trip. This would be an excellent opportunity for them to interact with local Marathi Speaking Senior Citizens. On 21st June, the HMM bus leaves from the West Oaks Mall at 8:00AM and will be back by 8:00PM. Food and snacks will be offered. Price is $12 per person. For more details call Megha at (714)600-4285 or email megha.ozarker@gmail.com.

    Jai Maharashtra!